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7 Best Things To Do In Irkutsk To Make Sure Your Experience Becomes A Memorable One!

Named after the Irkut river, Irkutsk is much more than the breathtaking Lake Baikal. One of the largest cities in Siberia, Irkutsk is home to more than half a million people and a hub of cultural activities and offers many tourist attractions. You can also get to know more about their culture and learn Russian if you wish to while you are exploring this amazing city. Irkutsk is known as the “Paris of Siberia” and is for real, an architectural gem.

Here is a list of things that you should do when you are visiting Irkutsk to have the best experience and explore the city and learn about it in all dimensions. These activities range from being fascinated by the beauty of learning about Irkutsk’s culture.

1. Icebreaker Museum: Breaking The Ice

Icebreaker Museum

Luck was what saved it from being demolished and in 1990 and it was preserved in Irkutsk and became the Ice-Breaker ‘Angara’ Museum and visiting it would be one of the best things to do in Irkutsk. Although it is miles away from the ocean, Irkutsk is one of the most important ports in Siberia and although now it’s a tourist attraction, back in the day the ship was used to break the ice on Lake Baikal to make it possible to travel across the lake.

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2. Churches: Take A Tour


Although Irkutsk has many churches, Prince Vladimir Monastery remains the most sacrosanct. It is a nineteenth-century building created to honour the Russian prince who Christianised Russia almost a thousand years ago. You can visit the place to know more about the history and religious activities in Irkutsk. The place has no shortage of some beautiful Orthodox churches. Krestovozdvizhenskaya Tserkov’ and Spasskaya Tserkov’ are especially worth your time.

3. Shopping: Buy A Warm Pair Of Boots


Irkutsk is unusually cold and therefore these people have come up with their own ways to deal with it. One of the things they use to keep the cold at bay is what they call “Kamusi”. You will see the deer and elk fur boots being sold all around town and are probably the best investment you would make when in Irkutsk. One thing you can be sure of is that your feet will never be cold again.

4. Annual Sculpture Festival

Annual Sculpture Festival

Who wouldn’t want to attend a festival totally based on ice! Ice activities are the primary highlight of the festival and its an unforgettable experience. Some years there is even an ice castle. If you are visiting Irkutsk in winters ‘The Ice Sculpture Festival’ is something you should definitely check out.

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5. Symbol Of Irkutsk, Babr: Take A Picture

Symbol Of Irkutsk

Babr is the symbol of Irkutsk since the city’s establishment. ‘Babr’ in Old Russian means ‘Siberian Tiger’ and its sculpture was installed by Lenina Street at the square in the historic centre of Irkutsk. It has become the favourite mascot among the local population and a picture with it has become a mandate on every tourist’s list.

6. Lake Baikal: Be Fascinated With Diversity

Lake Baikal

Located in the vicinity of Irkutsk, Lake Baikal is a unique natural site for many reasons and this is a place every person who visits Irkutsk goes to. The diversity and the biological wealth of this lake will leave you spellbound. And, the purity of waters along with the charm of the towns and villages that it is surrounded by adds to the beauty of the lake. If you are a nature lover this place will make you the happiest.

7. Explore The Fine Arts Collection

Explore The Fine Arts Collection

If you are curious about the history and peculiarities of Irkutsk, a visit to the Irkutsk Museum Of Fine Arts will resolve all your queries. The museum focuses majorly on the ethnography, folk art and architecture of the indigenous Buryat people. It includes paintings and sculptures of the indigenous population from the area. Visit this amazing museum to get to know more about Buryat people and Irkutsk in general.

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