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10 Picturesque Cebu Waterfalls For Those Who Want Peace, Seclusion, And A Rejuvenating Dip

Cebu is usually only associated with its stunning beaches, but that’s because the people who visit are hardly ever aware of the marvelous waterfalls hidden deep inside its pretty forests. There are over 1000 waterfalls in Cebu. Offering the perfect mix of relaxation, adventure, nature, and the most soothing views, Cebu waterfalls must not be missed on your getaway to the Philippines. And while there are over a 1,000 big and small waterfalls in this part of the Philippines, we have brought you a list of the 10 most wonderful ones right here.

The most ideal time to set foot in Cebu is during the winter season from November to February. This is when this charming city experiences sunny days, cool nights, and the least amount of humidity as compared to any other time in the year. It’s also a great time to visit for people looking for some frivolity and fun since the vibrant colorful Sinulog Festival is held during this time, specifically in January. If one wishes to explore Cebu in the offseason, they can come during the hot months from March to May.

Listed below are some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Cebu that you ought to visit on your Philippines tour to taste some adventure and pristine nature.

1. Inambakan Falls

Inambakan Falls in Cebu, Philippines

An absolutely tranquil waterfall, Inambakan is a beautiful place to go for a spot of swimming, There are also various hiking trails nearby that you can use to get to some smaller falls around this one. The trail leading to Inambakan is quite well laid out, so you won’t really need a guide for getting here. The best spot for swimming is located right where the trail ends and is an absolutely tranquil part since not a lot of people come here. The entire trek is stunningly beautiful and enriched with nature, making it one of the best Cebu waterfalls to discover with your trekker buddies.

How to reach Inambakan Waterfall: You need to head south on the main road from the Fantasy Lodge in Ginatilan. Having done that, turn inland and follow the steep curvy hill road leading to this waterfall. There are plenty of signboards on the way that will lead you there. The waterfall is located just a 0.5-mile hike away from the parking lot.

Entry fee: INR 67/- (inclusive of life jacket)
Parking fee: INR 67/- (cars) | INR 20 (motorbikes)

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2. Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls View

It’s a collection of several pristine waterfalls and each of these is perfect for swimming. One of the most popular waterfalls in Cebu, this one has plenty of restaurants and adventure activities for people to enjoy, which is why it starts getting a little crowded by noon. The water in the second level of this waterfall is pretty cold, making it perfect for a dip in the scorching heat of the Philippines. This is also a great spot for canyoneering from a height of 15 meters!

How to reach Kawasan Falls: You’ll find the parking area for this waterfall near the Santander highway nearly 45 minutes south of the Moalboal neighborhood. If you don’t wish to drive here, you can take any of the red or yellow buses that run to this point every 30 minutes. You’ll know you’ve reached when you start getting approached by vendors offering canyoneering packages worth INR 2,000/- and inclusive of a meal.

Entry fee: INR 60/-
Parking fee: INR 67/-

3. Mantayupan Falls

Mantayupan Falls View

The Mantayupan is more or less a popular natural swimming pool for the locals of the Philippines as well as tourists who know about it. This is a single waterfall forming a deep pool at the base, and the depth is such that kids coming here will need to put on a life jacket before treading these waters. There aren’t any restaurants or stores nearby Mantayupan Falls in Cebu so one is advised to carry snacks (but do not litter). Other than swimming, this waterfall provides for a great spot for picnicking for families and couples. It’s easily discoverable through a short hike via a thin forest area a long, swinging bridge which will bring you to the picnic area and the waterfall.

How to reach Mantayupan Falls: This waterfall is located just 2 hours southwest of the city of Cebu in the central part of the island. It’s almost an hour away from the Moalboal area and one can easily hire a motorbike to reach this point.

Entry fee: INR 53/- (adults) | INR 27/- (kids)
Additional expenses: INR 27/- (life jacket) | INR 14/- (shower)

4. Dao Falls

Dao Falls View

The hike to this waterfall is probably more gorgeous than the waterfall itself! And at the end of it, you’ll be rewarded with idyllic milky blue swimming waters that will make you want to stay here forever! Out of all the Cebu waterfalls, these happen to the most beautiful and pristine. The hike to this place will take you through nature trails laid out in dense jungles, deep canyons, and waist-deep rivers. Make sure you wear something comfortable and carry all your belongings in a waterproof bag as this place tends to be a little slippery.

How to reach Dao Falls: From the main road near Inambakan Falls you need to head south for 3 km and then turn inland just 2 km before Samboan town. There are sign boards for this waterfall so there’s no chance of you getting lost. You can also ask the locals around if you do get lost.

Entry fee: INR 80/-
Parking fee: INR 53/- (cars) | INR 27/- (motorbikes)

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5. Binalayan Hidden Waterfalls

Waterfall View

While the waterfall in itself isn’t as popular as the ones nearby, it’s the favorite destination of all adventure seekers coming to Cebu as it offers them an awesome spot to experience cliff jumping. Also called the Bonbon Falls or Triple-Drop Falls is perhaps the tiniest and most secluded waterfall. The trail leading to this pretty place is extremely short and well laid out. However, make sure you have a guide show you where and how you should jump off the rocks if you wish to indulge in cliff jumping here. They’ll even offer to take pictures of you if you ask politely!

How to reach Binalayan Falls: The waterfall is located less than a mile’s hike away from the main road 2 km south of Samboan town. You need to look for the sign that reads “Binalayan Falls” and follow it to get to the entrance booth and parking area.

Entry fee: INR 80/-
Parking fee: INR 40 (cars) | INR 14 (motorbike)

6. Aguinid Falls

Waterfall View

Getting to this waterfall is quite an adventure in itself. And the adventure doesn’t end once you get there. There’s a hidden cave behind the falls that will give you some more thrill to crawl up to. And don’t worry about falling in, there are guides who’ll give you a quick safety briefing when you buy your ticket. Aguinid Falls in Cebu provides visitors a fabulous mixture of relaxation, swimming, and adventurous hiking. And did we mention that the waterfall is downright breathtaking?

How to reach Aguinid Waterfall: The waterfall is well signed and pretty easy to find. It is located a mere 650 meters south of Binalayan Falls following which you’ll reach its free parking areas that will lead you to the falls.

Entry fee: INR 80/-
Parking fee: Nil

7. Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls View

Tumalog Falls in Cebu has a minimal flow but its surrounding beauty is worth the effort it takes to get here. The cliffs that surround the pool are magnificent, and you’ll be awestruck with the natural splendor of the entire area! The pool is full of the bizarre Garra rufa fish that chow down dead skin. You can simply soak your feet into this water and enjoy a natural foot spa while relaxing amidst the scenic surroundings.

How to reach Tumalog Falls: The waterfall is located just a 10-minute drive away from Oslob. Once you’ve reached the parking area here, you’ll need to walk down a very steep paved road that runs for about half a kilometer. Or you can simply get on one of the motorbikes driving down to the waterfall from the parking area at a nominal fee of INR 40 per person.

Entry fee: INR 27/-
Parking fee: Nil

8. Tinubdan Falls

Tinubdan Falls

An untouched marvel of nature, the Tinubdan Falls in Catmon is located at a little distance from Cebu but is worth the visit. There are 6 different streams of water cascading into two catch basins at the bottom. While the first basin is about six feet deep, the second one goes down to just three feet. One must take great care while moving on these rocks, as they tend to be slippery and visitors can fall down while trying to climb down into either of the pools for a swim.

How to reach Tinubdan Falls: One can easily take a bus bound for or passing through Catmon from the North Bus Terminal. Make sure you tell the conductor to drop you at Katambisan, Catmon. Or you can also hire a motorbike going to Brgy Tabili, the spot where this waterfall is located.
Entry fee: Nil

9. Kampael Falls

Kampael Falls

Located right above the Inambakan Falls, Kampael falls from a height of over fifteen meters, creating a sight that is a treat to the eyes and the camera! It features a small catch basin at the bottom where visitors can take a refreshing dip in cool and crystal clear waters. If you aren’t here for a swim, you can simply have a picnic beside the basin watching the splendid wonder cascades noisily, or get to the top and bask in panoramic views of the surrounding waterfalls. The wonderful Bugnawan Falls are also located close by.

How to reach Kampael Falls: Just take a bus bound for Bato via Barili from Cebu City South Bus Terminal to Ginatilan town and then hire a car or bike to drive to the waterfall.
Entry fee: INR 27/-

10. Bugnawan Falls

Bugnawan Falls View

It’s a relatively unknown waterfall in the southern part of the Filipino island. The waterfall has icy cold waters that gave it its name – Bugnawan (meaning cold in Cebuano). Located smack in the middle of a dense forest, the waterfall is surrounded by a thick canopy of trees that do not allow sunlight to enter, causing the water to be cold. Cascading from a height of around 20 meters, the water of Bugnawan Falls collects in a large catch basin at the bottom where you can take a dip in the chilling aqua that is sure to revitalize your senses.

How to reach Bugnawan Falls: Board a bus headed for Ginatilan from the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Then, hire a motorcycle to get to the jump-off point for the waterfall.
Entry fee: INR 27/-

Totally serene and untouched, these waterfalls are Cebu’s most offbeat attractions that will guarantee utter peace and endless natural beauty. So, why wait? Put all these surreal Cebu waterfalls in your list and plan your escape to the Philippines via TravelTriangle right away! Don’t forget to tell us all about your fun holiday experience once you’re back!

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